Colombian Export Edge for three Canadian Cannabis Stocks

The Canadian cannabis stocks are influenced by Colombia’s decision for permitting medical cannabis exports to Canada. The authorization from the Colombian government was done recently on February 7, 2019. The contract for importing and exporting cannabis was awarded to a private company Clever Leaves, which is funded by Northern Swan Holdings based in New York. The company can now begin the shipping of medical cannabis to Canada for testing the standards of cannabis. If the results come out on positive notes, it should be a way to open the opportunity for the other cannabis companies for beginning the import and export of medical cannabis through Canada.
There are many companies benefiting from the medical marijuana sector. The legalization in Colombia for allowance of medical cannabis would be another way to seek out for the most profitable options for investments. Penny stocks should be purchased vigilantly and with full research from the investor. Three important Canadian cannabis stocks having operations in Colombia which would certainly benefit the new cannabis export laws in the country are given below. You can view the stocks and draft your own opinion regarding them. It will be ultimately helpful in making your appropriate selection for the Columbian Export stocks.

PharmaCielo (TSXV: PCLO)
PharmaCielo is a Canadian cannabis company focusing on the supply and processing of natural cannabis oil extracts and the associated products to the major distribution channels. The company has its headquarters in Rionegro, Colombia and it is the nursery and propagation center. The total cultivation capacity of the company is 139 hectares. The company began its trading on the TSX Venture Exchange on January 19. The monthly return of the company is rising gradually and the market capitalization has reached to a level of $740 million.
Khiron Life Sciences Corporation (CVE: KHRN)
Khiron Life Sciences is a Canadian company having its major operations in Columbia. The company has a potential market for 6 million patients in Colombia and about 68 million in Latin America with future expansion. The Company works for medical marijuana research applications and has got approval for the commercialization of its cosmeceutical product line in Peru. The stock prices of the company are improving with its joint association with Dixie Brands, Inc. for the introduction of the cannabis-infused products in Latin America. The market capital of the company will soon reach $250 million.
Blueberries Medical Corporation (CNSX: BBM)
Blueberries Medical Corporation is a cannabis company having its operations in Bogotá Savanna, Colombia. It started trading on CSE on February 6. The company has received expertise in agriculture, medicine, extraction, and pharmaceutical segment. There is licensing done for cultivating, distribution, production, and export of CBD and THC. The market cap of the company is not too high at present but with the increased number of investors, it can go up to a higher level and get better revenues. The stocks are priced at $0.64 at present.