Top 3 Cannabis Stocks Higher on Colombian Growth Story

Colombia has begun to transform itself into the multi-dollar industry cannabis pharma industry. The weed growers estimate that the region would capture 1/5th of the total market share which is projected to a value of $40 billion a year. The investors in Colombia are making its potential towards the new approach of resourceful cannabis sources with the business-oriented regulatory environment. Colombia has the most suitable climate for cannabis with even distribution of light and dark phases (12-hours duration) in a day. There is low-cost labor available with promoting infrastructure for the export business.
The legalization of medical cannabis in Columbia is expected to be highly fruitful to various cannabis stocks. We’ve listed here three most prominent stocks which would have the major positive impact by the legalized status of cannabis.
Khiron Life Sciences Corporation (OTC: KHRNF)
This company was one of the primary licensed medical cannabis companies in the country. They have been developing cannabis products for medical purposes and are even involved in the production of nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products. The company was founded in 2017 and has cultivation licensing for low and high THC.
In recent times, the company announced the partnership with Dixie for creating a lining of cannabis-infused products to the Latin America market. The aim of the company is to become front-runners in the quickly growing legal cannabis markets. The company also creates a way for developing new products and brands according to different regions for allowing the full use of the changes resulting from the legalization of cannabis throughout the region. The recent news of the company is for making its understanding with Dayacann which is the first company to obtain cannabis cultivation license in Chile region. It is a positive point for the company to access the commercialized products to meet the needs of approximately 1.8M patients.
Blueberries Medical Corporation (CNSX: BBM)
Blueberries Medical Corporation (BBM) entered into the joint venture with harmony and Life SAS for the operation of their medical centers as El Manantial. This is among the rapidly growing medical centers in the region of Colombia and represents over seven thousand patients at present. The company is expected to grow this number by 7 times in the coming 3 years. Additionally, the company has made plans for building 2 Good Elaboration Practices-certified pharmacies for supporting this initiative. The company has made plans for treatment-focusing education programs for helping the physicians for drafting cannabis-based treatment options for the patients.
The joint venture with El Manantial gives tremendous options for the company to acquire patients in the Colombian market. The focus of the company in cannabis-based products for treating a broader spectrum of patients would be an ultimate success for the patients and doctors. The treatments are built for the benefit of community needs and will have a broader scope in the long run.
PharmaCielo Limited (OTC: PHCEF)
PharmaCielo Limited works with its subsidiary in cultivation, processing, production, and supply of medical-grade cannabis oil extracts in the region of Colombia and the global level. It provides cannabidiol and THC focused extracts for distributorship in medical clinics, pharmacies, and cosmetic companies. The operations of the company are based in Colombia and they have been granted a licensing for 10 CBD and THC strains.